Google Search Supports Structured Data: Discussion Forum and Profile Page Markup

Google Search Supports Structured Data: Discussion Forum and Profile Page Markup

Chicago, November 27, 2023 – Google Search has expanded its support for structured data related to discussion forums and profile pages. This enhancement enables Google to display “first-person perspectives from social media platforms, forums, and other communities” directly in search results.

Moreover, Google has introduced new Search Console reports specifically catering to those who have integrated structured data into their web pages.

Profile page structured data is designed for websites where individuals or organizations share firsthand perspectives. This markup assists Google in highlighting crucial details such as the creator’s name or handle, profile picture, follower count, and content popularity in search results.

This information is accessible through search result features like Perspectives, Discussions, and Forums.

Discussion Forum and Profile Page Markup

Source: Google

Discussion forum structured data, on the other hand, is aimed at forum-style websites where users collectively share firsthand perspectives. By implementing this markup, Google Search can effectively identify online discussions across the web and incorporate this data into features like Discussions, Forums, and Perspectives.

Discussion forum structured data

Source: Google

Regarding Q&A markup, Google has updated its guidelines to align with the richness of the new discussion forum guidelines. It advises using either Q&A markup for forums structured around questions and answers or DiscussionForumPosting for more general forum structures that don’t strictly follow a Q&A format. Both types of structured data should not be used on the same page.

In parallel, Google has introduced new Search Console reports to assist website owners in monitoring discussion threads and identifying issues related to profile page markup. These reports display valid items associated with marked-up pages. Additionally, the Rich Results Test has been updated to facilitate testing and validation of structured data.

Search Console reports

Source: Google

The significance of these developments lies in the growing emphasis on personalized search features by Google, highlighting creators more prominently in search results through perspectives and related elements. Integrating these new structured data types might boost click-through rates, although it’s uncertain how long Google will continue to support these elements.

In essence, leveraging these structured data types could enhance visibility and engagement on your web pages, aligning with Google’s evolving search features.

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